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Mr. Mang

Roy D. Mercer will KILL YOU!

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has anyone else heard him? he is some talk show host in the west (like oklahoma) that prank calls people. it's pretty clean, but still really funny. he doesn't need to curse or anything. he just kind of threatens people with false claims.


go on morpheus and download some. good stuff i promise. i especially like 'hot casette deck" and "horse bit her ear off".





I'm gonna git a hunk outta you big enough to clog the drain.


I'll tear into you like a hobo into a bologna sandwich.


I'm gonna wipe the floor with ya, then whup yer ass for not gettin' in the corners.


I'll put a popknot on yer head big enough for a calf to suck on.


I'm gonna hit ya so hard, yer kids'll be borned dizzy.


I'll be on you like ugly on a baboon's ass.


I'll beat you like pancake batter.

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yeah, i heard of that guy when u got a prmo of his cd when i worked at sam goody a few years back. what ever happened to the jerky boys? those guys were funny for awhile.

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(BUMP) This is good shit to listen while your waiting, or just being a boring fuck


Roy Damn Mercer is one of the most funniest radio personalities next to Phil Hendrie. The man threatens bodily harm on everyone, including women!


Check his stuff out on Kazaa

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