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apple keyboard shortcuts.

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who has some fun, usefull, handy keyboard shortcuts?


option>shift>" = Æ


apple>shift>4>click & drag = screen shot of whatever you define.

apple>shift>3= complete screen shot




thank you beardo for both of those.

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Guest me IS cool

not usefull at all but here's some secret apple "g" spots... haha G spots... :lol:


anyways if your in the finder and you hold OPTION as you click the apple menu you'll notice the very first option says "about the finder.." instead of "about this computer".

It shows a picture of the apple headquarters or something.


Here's another useless waste of space. If you do the same this while illustrator is running you'll see the picture of that bitch that is shown while illustrator is loading all in simple shapes... check it!









haha I just wasted you time and energy.... well only if you tried them... sorry I'm retarded. :P

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Guest --zeSto--

the most usefull ever...


hold shift while booting to disable extensions,

hold R+B to rebuild the desktop

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