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Scream thread moved to Brickslayers

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Scream thread????


Just wondering where the bad news scream(nz) thread is?


Couldn't seem to find it today. Could one of you boss dudes please mail me or post a reply here to where it is.


Kane is still not holding down food. They think he may have an infection in his stomach or hes ilergic to some of the drugs. Its been a while now and hes physically slowly getting better, but mentally not handling it to well.


Even though Kane almost died he is now not in a life threatening condition, so yeah its kinda weird having it in the 'heavens rip' , but i think it is the most suitable place for it if it is going to be anywhere. Please let me know where it is...?


ITS IMPORTANT cos I only managed to print the first page out a while ago and today I got some new ink so i could do the rest. I read the first page out to Kane anyway and he was happy with tears to hear from familiar and strange people. I told him I would bring the other pages in today but yeah cant find them...


If you can help me out by either mailing me the thread or telling me where abouts I could find it, it would be very much appreciated.





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Guest HAL

Sorry for the confusion. We thought it was a bit mobid and maybe some bad luck that Scream's thread was in the RIP section, so it was moved to the wall section. Sorry about the trouble.

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