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naked celebrities!!!

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everyday is a good day for makros quotes , they are the glue that holds the universe together

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Guest --zeSto--



more like shit smeared on a stick

(that was a dark compliment)

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Originally posted by NATO

ok im relenting heres one from my stash. fake porn rocks.

(naked pics of a girl that looks like britney)


wow... greatness... :D

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The Number 6 Question.


And on to the third part to the million dollar question.

7/10/01 I was willing to bet that people would do some crazy shit for a million

dollars and it looks as though I would have won. Bellow is the first part to a two

part series (unless some more people send in more shit). The idea that came up

the most had to do with shit and assholes, so I know that your minds are always

in the gutter.

Email Us at crazyshit@crazyshit.com


Dear Sirs, for $1m, mI would lace my P*&&^ and A^%hole in honey and let the bees fuck me

from dusk till dawn! cause amillion bucks is worth the pain!!!!!


shit for a million dollors i would get fucked by horse and when the horse get ready to cum i

would suck the cum out of his dick


I would walk through campus naked with a pineapple sticking out of my asshole!


<:: ouch ::>


dance naked in a giant tupperware bowl full of jello at the superbowl...in the middle of the

third quarter.

<:: there's always room for jello! ::>


I would go to the 69 most crowded places in the world naked then bring a karoke machine

with me and sing Britney Spears and N'sync

<:: I hope would be able to dodge bullet, because someone would shoot you for singing that

crap ::>


Go to the local grocery store in full scuba gear. Walk back to the seafood counter yelling "I

am here to free the lobsters!"

<:: I would do that for 5 dollars ::>


maan for a million dollars i would eat the worlds top 10 fattest oldest chicks!

<:: yuck...yuck.. ::>


I would strip off my clothes and go round New York acting like a doogie( including sniffing my

ass and licking my balls)

<:: isn't there already people in N.Y. that do that? ::>


I would suck shit out of Oprah's ass while taking it up the ass without any lube


I'd let you line up 30 of the fattest, ugliest, hairiest bitches you could find. Line 'em up side

by side and have them all bend over and touch their toes. I'd go behind them and, spending

two minutes at each one, lick and suck all their assholes, all while being naked and having

my cock slapped in a mousetrap. I'd let you video tape this whole thing and broadcast it

over national television...

<:: Now that's a man in need of a million dollars ::>


i would eat a bowl of vomit and shit, followed by george bush's toenail trimmings. Also for

this million i would move to austraillia and blow goats and kangaroos for seven days and

seven nights with no food or water, just there cum to dirnk

<:: very, very creative. ::>


I would spent a year in prison pretending to be gay like the other guys. yeah, even though I

would get ass raped, once i got the 1,000,000 dollars, I could buy a M-16 and kill them for

raping me.


<:: I am telling you that it is all about having goals! ::>


Wear a diaper full of piss and shit as a hat for an entire day...


fuck three horses, give six cows head, and sing a song naked in front of a million people

<:: how about four horses and five cows? ::>


for 1 million dollars I would inject myself with morphine, tie a 16 pound bowling ball around

my nut sack, and jump on a big trampoline with the juggies from the man show.

Ultimate Sinn, Il


i would suck my own dick for amillion dollars

<:: I'm sure that if all the guys out there could do it they would never leave the house. ::>


i would warm up a carrot in a microwave for 30 secs (repeat if desired) and stick an ice cube

into pussy as deep as it will go and masturbate with the warmed carrot. honestly. and if you

even send an email to me saying that i won (even if i didnt) 1 million dollars i would send you

a pic of me doing it.

<:: Hey guess what??? You won the million dollars (not really) so please send us in some

pics! crazyshit@crazyshit.com ::>

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