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Originally posted by AbortionRingtoss

Ja just wanted to live off of Saber's fame. He is pretty wack. It's disrespectful to bring his shitty graf to the west coast.



HaHAHAHAHaahaha thats haha yeah............................................

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Guest imported_El Mamerro
Originally posted by aichs47

you shit head!! thats what was put into the k!! i dont give a fuck how big the letters are!! a 2 man mission and you think that shit cant be done!! you must not really know how fast shit can get done!!



"Yo, and if the graffiti says it, then it MUST be true!!!"


Chill on the name calling, bro. Beer,


El Mamerro

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Originally posted by noncenseoner

fuck that if i ever saw or met ja,foe id try my hardest to kill those toys,but besides that does anyonehave that flick of the silver and black roller he did its pertty recent


ja and foe would shoot your ass just for saying that. I dare you to try and kill them....

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Guest retard.AK

i thought this was started as a saber thread,not a talk hard like you know whats going on thread. this shit happened a long time ago and in essence doesnt matter unless saber,ja,or foe are posting on this board (which i seriously doubt). yea,it sucks that a piece that took a year to do got dissed,but shit getting dissed is part of the game. whatever was between saber and ja/foe is exactly that-between saber and ja/foe. the river piece was tight,but most people start jocking saber without even seeing any of his other shit from his extremely large body of work,which is fucking good. post more saber pics rather than having a soap opera over shit that doesnt involve any of you,fuckin brown-nosing BASTARDS!


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Originally posted by AbortionRingtoss


I can say JA's shit isn't quality. Almost everyone in NY does what he does. 2 letter 5 second throwups. Takes nothing whatsoever. It's not good. It's pretty gay. "Fresh style". Yeah it probably took forever to master. It's pretty fresh. It doesn't look at all like the lettering the cheerleaders in high school use to announce pep ralleys. Pretty fresh.



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i thought it was the funniest thing in the world when i seen what ja did to that shit yeh its fucked up but what do you expect it was the most talked about shit for awhile the biggest thing there is running how could you not expect somone to come hard at that shit and fuck it up its askin for it its like look im the biggest im the best ja comes around let him now hes not the vandel squad proly even laughed shit

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first of all saber went over a sane smith r.i.p. piece...id call that pretty disrepectful...so thats why he got ragged...i dont think ja did it for fame...he already has plenty...rolling stone did like a 3 page article on him for christ sake....id say he's a little more famous than saber.

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Guest drip one

Re: saber piece


Originally posted by bubble cloud

im not a big vulcan fan to begin with .i think its an impresive size.but the style is weak.ja's throw up is simply a better design.

oh boy. thats all im saying.

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