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spring break '02. destination: San Antonio - Clogged Caps '02.

Southern kid

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Guest imported_SecretAgentX9



Originally posted by cornhustlah

(except for stupid niggas like me who use screenames that are plain as day....)



keep it rills nills

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Just jumping in for an acquaintance who doesn't talk shit and mails out sick packages of 50+ freights all done in the past couple months. 100% grade A+ writer, in my book. Sorry about that G.

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Originally posted by >>>spot<<<

HAL:i apologize for scallawag's actions...just a hyper toy that knocks people he bites.fuck southside.:dazed:


Spot gets the A+ for manners and style.

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Originally posted by HAL


Spot gets the A+ for manners and style.



hehehehahaha the spote-r with the manners...this is about as much of an oxymoron as "original copy"... and fuck southside? shiiiiiiiit. the south owns foreigners....hey asshole, email me with your new number, i lost it in the laundry....

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20 hour 3d my ass





any body who was there knows i painted it off my head , with a twisted ass ankle , hopping on one foot on the san antonio news fox 37 i believe

and still finished my piece before dark .

we came back the next day and did back grounds . and left by 2:oo pm

so get you r facts straight .

were do i star from a wall every day we were there pryer to the gig

and some steal til 5 in the morn with nine cats you know who you are

monster chees burgers . streaks and some beatle charcters

supher i hope your boy beats the rap . sorry man , cien not guilty

not to sound like some wak as r@b slash rap cats

yall showed us love ,shewp what can i say man we got youre back dadio duo you one down ass fool , supher and the rest of you little hores cien scooba steve thanx for the props on the site spie ,king get at me . we got some work to do , chase givew me a cll when you get out here mr never we got you pattie madie steve boys back ill email you some of my fine art as soon as i get it scanned san antonio was hella fun ...... cloged caps 3 ???????????

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