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PoSt pIkTurEz oF aLL thA ~408~ kALI gRaFfItI....


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Originally posted by -Rage-


Think of 12oz as a gang. We're basically just initiating you into our posse, so we have to kick your ass.



Stay up! Stay Up! Cuz if you fall down you aint neva gettin back up!!

this is true...im sure i made PATRICK JILBERT quite upset a few times. now were buddies.

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Originally posted by kissmyass#1


hey, are you one of those fags in the east bay that kick it inside shopping malls and race those fucked up rice rocket cars? where you from burlingame?




fools like you get robbed in sf......... fag!

first of all fucc u. i drive a "rice rocket" an that shit will kill your car in a race. an second yes all these people do is hate on how u spell. makes them feel better about themselves or sumshit, just get used to it an post more flics. an if ne1 has pics from south kali preferably from around daygo.

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Originally posted by cleansheets

whatever happened to people from 408 like PICASSO, CASH ATC,ROCK 198....ALADIN,SNOW,SHEN,DARE,KING157...


alladin fell off when he helped the cops bust over 50 graff writers back in 92.....beware of fake ass fools.....fuck his gay ass tat shop.

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Guest Sevs210

That throw up is horrible... I dont usually hate on people, but that shit is trash..



Iam a huge fan of Hindue's work, but I dont like his throws..

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408 graff is getting better


408 graff was off the hook in 93,94 and started falling off on like in 97. shit what the fuck happened to everyone? damn i use to see everyone up and around town but what the hell happened. there's some dope ass crews that shoulda never died. the only survivers are TWB from san jo. Also the outer cities of San Jo put it down the hardest forever and keep it mad real. Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and Mountain View. Yet these cities are not as big as SJ the foos from these cities put it down for reals. San Jo now gots a few dope crews TWB, KYT, DTC and a couple of other but damn they are fucken out numbered by hundreds of fucken chicken scratch toy crews who think they king shit...408 for life:o

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