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the big FUCK YOU post...3/7/02

taco bell bomber

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my fuck you list goes out too..

my principal for being a nazi

the damn kid in the wheelchair with the fucked up attitude

fucking sum41

america online

the judge at my local court house for threating to take away my license

the cop that pulled me over

88 hondas that arent fast enough to out run cops

the us postal service

my american eagle sandals that broke

rubber cememnt

sam goody for being a concentration camp for employers

teachers that put in cut slips for me

8:00 am school openings

the fucking h.s.p.a test that ive taken for the past 3 days..fuck


im sure ill add more later


oh ps - my girlfriends parents

im set for now

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Guest sneak

my fuck off list goes to:


the teacher who caught me smoking

the teacher who is gonna fine me for it

the teacher who sets long ass essays to be handed in the next day

(myself for not doing the essay)

the bitch who wants to go out with me

the pig for stopping me at 1.30 am wen i had paint on me

the same pig for coming round my house and telling my parents


the peron who started this thread, now i feel all depressed

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i'd like to send a huge




to ETS and GRE for not lettin gme register for the subject test which is over a month away but the goddamn mothafuckin deadline is fucking mothaiubdaufwen fwfwpassed!!!!!!




it is a good godddamn sohsncdlkmfj vajgjG{PKGHATRmj hyaz


that i don't know where the fuck you live mothafuxicjxicj svhiuvbjnbjkfdnv






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a big californian fuck you to:


providian and capitol one credit card companies

the fucker who found my wallet and went shopping

the same fucker for renting a car and never returning it...i'm screwed

asian girls that dont like white guys

guys with big dicks that always talk about them

crackheads that abduct you and smoke crack in your car

railroad police

seargent lagrasse for busting all my homies and then some

ladyboys in thailand


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The fucking fag B-boy A-Plus. You think you're like the coolest fucker in town you little bitch. You're so fucking pathetic and you suck ass at breaking. What kind of gay ass name is A-Plus?? Kinda ironic don't you think?? I'm glad all your shit got stolen, now you know how it feels. Remember what happened last time you fucked with us? You got your ass beat "kid". Turtled after like one punch you fucking fag. You better stay the fuck away from any of us, or the same shit will happen again. Fuck you you little bitch.....




Sorry. This just looked like a good place to vent;)

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Guest --zeSto--

fuck novolexin !


fuck the ingrown toenail that needs an anti-biotic.

fuck not being able to drink while on that antibiotic.

fuck having to wake up at 5:00 am to take another pill.

fuck the runs I'm getting from it.


fuck novolexin !

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1.Micro wave dinners wich cause me to shit my pants on contact

2.People who dont speak english but think they speak english and get 3.mad when u speak english and they dont understand

4.The RTD

5.Running out of toilet paper

6.LOUD people

7.People who wallow in depression and feel u need to know about it

8.Girls who think using teeth would be "fun"




thats all for now

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Fuck the police.

Fuck my P.O.

Fuck my lawyer.

fuck the judge.

fuck that hero motherfucker.

fuck my ex.

fuck my future ex.

fuck the haters on the board.



oh yeah- and fuck that goofy pothead bitch who called my throw a shitty gangster tag (she meant it in a bad way)

:heated: :heated:

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the fact that fucking gay assed parent teacher confrences are tommorow and i gotta go with my fucking stupid chummer parents when i already made plans to get some that day and i got 2 A's and two C's so why the fuck does every god dammed thing i do have to turn into a fuckin family affair. fucking fuck fuck fuckedy fuck shit fuck fuck:heated:


oh and fuck the hot bitch that sits next to me that caused me to fail my chem exam cuz i was starring at her titties:idea:

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fuck the following


Trashy bitch who buffs people on w 117th

Fat Mike

The evil psychotic side of Proffeser Cosimi


Racist Rappers

Racist Chop Shop Owners

Cleveland Police

MTV (already covered)


Political Correctness

Abercrombie and Fitch

Having to pay for clean water

E Check

That kid who keeps tagging "South Euclid Clique" all over Cleveland Institute of Art

The DJ(s) at Berea Cafe (you suck you fat pervert)

All this homework

Being Broke

Kids who go over good pieces with shitty tossups for fame

Cathy at the Grog Shop

the previous owners of europa

all expensive coffee shops


The United Nation

Professor Papei

The girl who always has pms who sits behind me in color theory

Mr Bojangles vicious ass dogs

The guy who keeps crashing stolen cars into the funwall.


okay i could go on forever but I'm getting bored with it... glad i did it though. I feel much better! :)

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MIKRO- for squashing the beef and stealing 6 of our 40s and then dissing us again!

ravers- because they suck

vegans- because they suck

women- because they are worthless and fuck everyone over

pgh police- for being dickheads

onions- i hate those fuckers

fish- fish is for assholes and jesus


to my sweet baby mikro: if you read this, <3. you dissed not only me and aids, but now preso too for no fucking reason. we found so much fucking beer and got drunk as shit and along with that beer we found ONE CAN of shitty pink. put 2 and 2 together and yo uget some random scrawlings. now for you to search all over for our stash and steal all our 40s was one thing, but to repeatedly keep dissing our shit was another! god damn, you know you've done that before, quit being a hardass mr. buck twenty-five soaking wet with rubber boots on. so now we have no beer and for some reason more and more beef with you. for a vegan, you sure love beef, don't you. bahhhhh fuckitall watch what happensschdjhdsajfjhc

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