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last thing you ate?

tue skinny

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i don't think so. i think i used to have a breaded shrimp at red lobster as a kid, had it just a few times.


i also remember trying a cajun flavored lake erie(i think..) walleye at home as a kid as well. i remember thinking that was pretty good.

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12 minutes ago, Mauler5150 said:

In following with the theme of this page, I had a Double Fillet of Fish at McDonalds.


Theme: everyone is pooping ghost shits.






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3 minutes ago, fat ralphy said:

@SMdoubleXLi have never even considered that flavor combo and I am super intrigued. 


I love sour cream and clearly everyone likes strawberry and brown sugar. Is that a SM special or a regional thing?



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@fat ralphy

i once went back home to Utah a loooong while ago and at a picnic they had this. 

sour cream in one bowl, brown sugar in the next and a lotta strawberries. 

visually,  I thought it was whipped cream, graham crackers crumbs and berries. 
(which would have been enjoyed all the same) 

we discovered a restaurant here that is breakfast only and it serves crepes in this manner.  Fire. 

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