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last thing you ate?

tue skinny

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^may I ask why?


unless you have celiacs i dont understand why people feel the need to cut gluten out entirely. four people at my job are gluten free, only one has any real medical reason to be so.


i have insane joint problems.

they swell and it is so fucking painful

comes and goes though

i am not celiac, but i'm concerned i'm gluten intolerant

i've noticed that on days when i eat a ton of wheat, like a lot of bread and cupcakes and pasta, i have a lot of pain in the night and can't sleep.

the docs can't figure it out. i'm severely vitamin D deficient, but not deficient in any other stuff so it's not my diet, something is wrong with my metabolism or absorption.. i'm only wondering if the wheat is playing a role.

i figured i'd try to elimination diet for 3 weeks and see what happened. i fucked up and ate barley the other night though. gluten free vegan ain't easy so i don't want to continue with this forever.


i agree the gluten thing is a bit of a fad, but i also think there is way too much of that shit in processed foods.



anyway, just had a green smoothie.

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