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battle: YOU be the judge


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first off, both flicks are kinda shitty...


from the looks of it though, A looks somewhat unfinished to me... some of the lines a bit choppy, like he/she planned to come back to finish or wasnt done yet... pretty dope though.


as for B, its kinda clean, pretty neat to look at, but the letters are lacking/hard to see from my stand point...


with better flicks i could tell more, but i think i would like A more than B.


they pretty close skill wise i guess, but i like A's style more than B from those piks..



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hmmmm B looks better in that pik, but i still like A's style more...


even though i think A's fill lacking kinda... unless its not just one color but its hard to tell, and he didnt roll the bg, but i do like the fill in his 3d.


im sticking with my vote...





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Guest 1honkeymofo

ok heres how i see it, when i looked at the two, the first thing i saw was that bafl has no formal letter structure,you can call it wild style, but i call it weak when letters are based off of fluff that might look cool at first glance, but hold no validity. as far as colors go i like the greens but again, that doest make up for the poor letters. so yeah, and i'm not tryin to be bias but i mean comon kids, look at that f! sorry bro, mylk definently burned yer ass.

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Guest L.RonHubbard

they are both decent...and pretty equal. but i like B better because i prefer the rounder more wavy style than the sharp edges of A. the only thing i dont like about B is that weird green part in the middle.

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