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So you thought you could bury this thread deep into the recesses of this message board and pretend like it never existed. Tisk tisk tisk. That wasn't a very kind gesture. This f'ing thread goes to the top with fire my friends. 4000+ hits this deserves to be the first f'ing sticky in this section. Who agrees? You must of thought I forgot about it eh? I didn't! I'm back making my monthly house calls. Anybody catching any shit getting hacked up out there? I want to see it all and I know there are many others who feel the same. Bring on the bad as well as the good. We're not living in Mr. Rogers make believe world. Who's got any DRUGS panels dissed to counter this attack?.... and what's new in your neck of the woods?






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oh yeah and props to Banned in the USA


Excellent post Sixteen Vandals. Some people just don't understand. I present this simple question to all of you and please don't respond like many of you did with 16's. Just think abut it


Take away...


1. All those who leech off other sites to get their pics to create a thread . The old "right click/save/post" method.




2.Get rid of all the posts that just say "BUMP" and list the names of all their faves from that specific post



How many individuals would you really have left posting here I wonder? Not many I bet.

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Haha this is a funny ass thread...I like how just because graffiti is illegal all of the sudden kids that rock fr8s at some down and out part of the city are thug as fuck when it comes down to beef...like so thug they were raised in the projects and hustle crack for income. I seen a diss last week and the tag over the piece actually spelled the word nigger wrong (niger). Woof Woof I'll try to pull some files up for you...

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Originally posted by berol

as for tt boy, please dont tell me about spots.. you and your homies destroyed "yours" dissed rank179, pestoe and vohs..... they wont even park trains there ever again... and that was a sick spot. im not gonna reply any further on this subject so say what you will, TTboy i know who you are and that fine if you know who i am, but please quit frontin like you actually hit a lot of trains, or anything for that matter.



i had been painting that yard since 1996. i did my first train there.

lets not forget whos mess i had repeteadly cleaned up in there.

buckets of roller paint, cans and other shit.


this beef is ridiculous.

lets stop dwelling on the past shall we.


there were also other writers who blew that spot up, guys i dont know, have never met and have never cared too.

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Guest montanaman

no respect no love to the niggahs ........ and i kno 5 set so far they make that set fr8 look like shit... then again both pieces was shit

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Guest TE_Destroys
Originally posted by mud_buddha


.... Do loosely filled throwups across the center of the piece. Tag it ninety million times making sure anyone that wants to can still read the piece underneath.... Douse it with lighter fluid and sign the char mark in silver. Anything that you can do quick that will make them feel really, really bad when they've seen what you did.


for real! i'm gonna do that shit. Tagging the char marks...ingenious.

yeah, the hippies need to wake up and smell the napalm, because shit gets crossed, and crying about it will not bring the pieces back. what, are the hippies gonna sign a petition and present to all the hate-filled writers of North America? I'll never cross again if that petition gets more than twenty real headz to sign it.

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Guest TE_Destroys

Re: ..


Originally posted by jeff123456

ppl that diss other ppls work are almost always jelous...

theres no reason for it if ur a real writer u would have respect for all other writers and toys... it doesnt matter.. dissing work that others have done is fucked up cuz they tried there hardest and even if there toy everyone starts somewhere.. although many of u think u started pro.. but u didnt........




I'm cracking up here!!! HOLY SHIT! THis can't be real! So, if I diss some wack writer's piece under a bridge by my house because he stole weed from me, and i haven't seen him face to face yet, i'm jealous of him...interesting. and where did you get this bullshit psychology degree, jeff? you are a toy, and always will be with that kind of non-competitive way of thinking. lemme guess - u think hockey has to much violence in it...

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Guest i hate lert

i dont like trian beef. i guess some kids desevre it if they are heatin spot , for sure!! i want to go to the yard one day and see every trian painted. that want hap if kids get gone over for u just stupid shit.

bu i do have alot of crossed out trians i might post later. xLiveXwellx all

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hell yeah get them screw..ha ha ha ha...tight....whats that boy....u want them to what...what?? i didn't here you boy....oh u want them to post more



with all u haters talking grips of shit on each other.. on here and none of u have proof of dissing some one.... come on..UR a joke.

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Originally posted by Fox Mulder

i would post one but when i showed it to the person they tore it up.



oh my gosh no way it's u::::

dude your so tight..


I say bow wow wow heppie's yo heppie yeah


damn i smoke alot of jae's

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Guest Grow a Beard

christ.................when did graffiti writers become so thuggish? when did writers decide to make the crossover to O.G? fuckin quit bitchin and do more painting .................if someone has beef with you or you have beef with someone why not go paint about it...............seriously.



i would never want to fight anyone for dissing me............i see disses as more of a reason to paint...............i mean come on ...........did anyone see that arms dissing jbue on a hopper(those dont get buffed) , thats more of a clever way to get back at someone rather than telling them via internet youll bust their face in.

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Originally posted by woofwoof

Damn, I come back 2 hours late and 250+ hits but only 12 responses?-(at least Fr8Lover contributed) Is everybody in denial here? Trying 2 Go Wetfeet, I'm going to continue to post on this thread from here on out so be on the lookout, hope others do as well. You gotta give these people credit who are dissing shit that actually paint(eg. CAMEO above) because they are willing to lose pieces for their actions. Once again, they aren't crying at least they are taking action. O.K., how about if I make it a bit easier, we'll include any type of dissing of freights, skip on the worker action though. Anybody have any "graffiti slime destroyed" work to post? How about some cross outs that obliterate the entire piece? Anything? Anything? Bueller? Bueller? Here's one of my pictures from a couple posts back. Anybody got the shot prior to the bucket paint action?








who hell went over the ewok what the fuck is wrong wit em got damn toys did ewok hm do that or something ewok dot com all the waY!!!


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