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Guest BoMb MaSteR

its so easy sometimes,..

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Guest BoMb MaSteR

to find urself falling into depression.


Everyones got there ups&downs. I had 2 jobs, i qwit them to

werk at this marketing/advertising company. it was totally

commision based which wasent so bad at first.. then it went

downhill. i werked a month- never got a chek so i qwit.

then i talked to the boss& ended up gettin paid & i went bak

it was kinda ,miscommunication. at least he made it out to be.

Anyways a month past b4 i went bak.. i looked for a job & came

up with nothing. so i went bak for another month.. things were good.

then i was makin no $$ and shit got totally nuts. lets just say the

Biz is fuked. anyways so alot of ppl ended up qwitin. that was 3 weeks

ago , since that ive had lil to no luck findin another job. i bust my ass

and end up with nothing... it gets my pretty down, before i used to get

jobs so easily. now im like wtf is my problem.. and so slowly i feel

myself slippin bak into the place i was before (when i qwit the 1st time)

because ive even been to retail stores & things of the sort & still nothing.

at this point ill take anything ya kno? ugh. i duno if anyone else has had

this problem, i guess its just cus the economy sucks,. i duno but my bills are pilin up & debt will come soon. and i feel helpless :(

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sorry to hear about that, thats true every one go's through up's and down's. A good friend of myne was just incarcerated and is awaiting trial wich if hes tried as a adult may be charged with 20 years.. its funny how people who you've known your whole life will change and go through so much different shit right in front of you and with him its a sad issue because hes honestly one of the most well natured and positive people ive come across... and he just got involved in the wrong shit, the only thing and its unfortinante that my mind works like this but when i do feel down i relized how many other people are going through shit i cant even begin to comprehend.. usually puts things into perspective..at least for me.

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im just a lil gurl i aint joinin the army ill get my ass kiked lol.

(by the way this is my new name-formally bomb master)

yea its true about everything goin into perspective high priest.

some1 always has it werse then u. i guess one shouldnt get so

much into the self pity thing and just make the best out of wut they

do have.

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Guest NATO

snap out of it fool! damn i could give fraisier a run for his money.

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Originally posted by ASER1NE

join the army , they are always hiring


Hey who was the 12ozer back in the day that joined the army then got cut after he had some depression problems...i forget who that was, but he had a thread on it along ass time ago...


Just jogged my memmory.

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