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yo themo, im sending you this email direct to you cause i dont want to call yo out on the 12 oz, but i just got tested and came back positive for HIV. im pretty sure i got it from your girl acet when we ran that train on her with the RTH crew. i just want you to know before i call her up, you need to keep a sock on that pickle man. I have to let everyone else who was there know whats up. this could seriously kill of the intire graff population on the east coast considering how many niggas you let hit it with her. that muff is almost as wide as the holland tunel, you need to watch that nappy dug out son. i'll call you later yo, keep this between me and you for now. peace...antonio

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little larry pinches acet for attention.....


^^^^ ha.ha. na you tested positive from your life partner, the one who fucked you in your ass while you gave head to your father.

..im glad you jumped back on the bandwagon though. im the reason you get up every day, im doing you a favor by paying attention to you..


....how many times have girls been called names when they diss the boys who want their attention? this aint nothing new ...


so as you sit there with your hard-on, flicks of my pieces all around you, fantasies of me signing your blackbook, with the eminem cut stan on repeat...

.. remember, the only trains being done around here, are the ones in the lay ups.



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werd when it comes to bitin' fx you're the big kuhona ..but beware of ya lady love playin' beach blanket bingo with another graff sprayin' gringo.catch my drift LIKE A GENTLE BREEZE WITH YOU KNOW WHO ON HER KNEES READY TO PLEASE NEW YORK NIGGAZ IN TOMMY HILL DUNGREES.

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Originally posted by THEMOPFE

can you say...obsessed


I can say your obCESed. I can say your perplexed by the styles of FX.

I can see clearly now the rain is gone, you a biting mother fucker and your style is all wrong.

There was a few times i though you would succed, in this graf game for which i spread me seed.

But never the less you have ceased to impress, the only thing getting up is the niggas under your wifeys dresss.

You claim a bronx style but were born and raised in dover,

rich nj kids, your girl claims to bomb, but drops draws and bends over.

I clutch my dewrag to wipe the sweat from my brow, wondering why after all these years you still try to represent; how?

youve lost battle after battle and cried and begged to be in mags,

well your wish is granted, you have a spread in the new issue of "rich white homo thug fag"

you painted with ces as your only claim to fame, while you were finishing your "burner" ces and yes were "burning" up in your dame.

keep on thugging dun, represent son, ill always be balling while you hear the legal walls calling.

next time i hit with your wify take heed, cause im poking holes in my jimmy hats so you have to live with my seed.

i be waiting to any nigga blast man, you be sitting around watching your girl give up the ass man.


when its all said and done, dun, the fact is you have from your first peice been a biting ass white steve urckle looking herb and you will always be. you will never get any respect, the niggas you bite and jock laugh at you whill nutting in your girls mouth and you go home and hit it without a jimmy. you can bomb black books till bid laden runs for president, but the fact is you will always be a clown, who will never be down, never have skin that is brown, never be king with a crown, always know your girls a ho so you sporting a frown, always eating a poo poo plater at china buffet town....

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that whole little novel you wrote has mad obsessive undertones..


..you just spent a good forty minutes writing youre nursery rhyme about US..


.i didnt know it was that easy to play yourself by writing a rhyme... good job.

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Guest StompOnKomp

You got to be kidding me.


These kids don't know when to stop. The truth comes out 360 degrees, what goes around comes around.:heated: :beat: Ayak! ALWAYS YELLIN AT KIDS(like y'all), we know where you live!!!!!!

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