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before the shit hits the fan...


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Originally posted by Elmo_Hope

sorry but i see no traces of any sort of letters and so i dont like it. looks worse than the stuff i did when i first started. but thats just my opinion, so i hope no one takes this the wrong way like everyone usually does. you got your opinion, i got mine.

I used to think like that back in the day. But as I started to look at the more "abstract" (using the term quite loosely) I started to feel the different styles, and that in itself improved my own shit by quite a bit. I have a feeling that you'll probably have a similar experience eventually.

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Guest seno.oner
Originally posted by OMARNYCAKASW1


you dont have the wall skills to back up your toy scribbles...


<img src=http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/menotyou2/blackpurp.jpg">





oh yeah

i make sure to diss all those now that i checked out the root directory of your meknotyou2 account...

see ya soon...bring your hiphop bunny rabbit doll with you


did something happen that no one else knows about because you just sound like an asshole saying that,,just wondering.

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its easy do a search for both our names youll see that i first dissed his girlfiend's virgin blo techicqs and her first time doing a character

and nobody noticed that he comes around and posts comments about my moms in my posts or that he has a 'girfriend' and a 'pal' who i wont name that always makes sure that his posts are mostly on top or active or that he posts a few times a day with a silly comment

maybe he can be a moderator admistrator or whatever but hes no where near the level of content i bless this site with...

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Guest *Police Chief Wiggum*

i know then his stupid bitch girl, dee38 started coming on here. that bitch is fucking stupid. Starting BBQ posts and shit, what a dumb bitch.

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Guest --zeSto--
Originally posted by sect one

my gf can burn your gfs.......... unless your gf is ewok


well she is rather short and somewhat furry,

but She's never been to the moon of Endor.

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I pride myself on being able to read graff. The harder it is to read the nicer I feel when I can make it out. Abstract wild styles challenge writers with enigmatic puzzles. Once you figure out what's written, the letter forms are clearly discernable amongst the layer of camo.


Encrypted graff. Dope shit!

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