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Guest skcum pfhukr

reSt in pEacE biG L..most valuable poet


and since i'm looking slick, and my pockets are thick, i need surgery to get chicks removed from my ...chill.....big up to big L


damn shame... to lose another brother

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"while y'all be on the corners bummy and high, i'll be out buyin the finest shit money can buy. you wish you was in the position that im in hot rhymin, dimin', shinin', autograph signin'. my lifestyle is far out, every week bring a different car out, i go to nightclubs and buy the bar out cause i keep cream im large on the street scene everytime i touch mics you hear all the freaks scream."


-Big L RIP

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Weed Smoke: "Lye"

Key of Coke: "Pie"

Lifted: "High"

New clothes on: "Fly"

Cars: "Whips"

Sneakers: "Kicks"

Money: "Chips"

Movies: "Flicks"

Cribs: "Home"

Payphones: "Jacks"

Cocaine: "Nose Candy"

Ciggarettes: "Bones"

Radio: "Bo"x

Razorblade: "Ox"

Fat Diamonds: "Rocks"

Cop: "Jakes"

You got robbed: You got "Stuck"

You got shot: You got "Bucked"

You got doubble crossed: You got "Fucked"

Bank-roll: "Poke"

Choke Hold: "Yoke"

Kite: "Note"

Con: "Okey Doke"

Punched: "Snuffed"

Clean: "Buff"

Bull Scare: "Strong Bluff"

Burglary: "Jook"

Crook: "Woof"

Mobb Deep already explained the meaning of "Shook"

Felony: An "F"

You got killed: You got "Left"

Bad Breath: "Dragon"

You're Crazy: "730"

Page me: "Hit me on the head"

Angel Dust: "Sherm"

AIDS: "The Germ"

Chick give you a Disease?: You got "Burned"

Relax: "Max"

Guns & Pistols: "Gats"

Condoms: "Hats"

Critters: "Cracks"

Food: "Grub"

Victim: "Mark"

Small Club: "Sweat Box"

Your Heart: "Ticker"

Apartment: "Pad"

Dad: "Old Man"

Studio: "Lab"

Mad: "Heated"

Train: "Iron Horse"

Champagne: "Bubbly"

Honey that's Ugly: "Duce"

If your girl is Fine: "She's a Dime"

Fine: "Suit"

Jewlery: "Shine"

You're in Love?: You're "Blind"

Real: "Genuine"

Hundred dollar bill: "Face Card"

Very hard stare: "Grill"

Are you Sneaking to see a girl?: You certinaly are "Creeping"

Smiling: "Cheesing"

Bleeding: "Leaking"

Begging: "Bumming"

Cumming: "Nutting"

Taking Orders: "Sunning"

Ounce of Coke: "Onion"

Hotel: "Telly"

Cell Phone: "Celly"

Jealous: "Jelly"

Belly: "Food Box"

To use Physical Force: "Guerrilla"

Loss: You took an "L"

Show off: "Floss"


Big L taught me criminal slang.

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"Check it, my whole crew holdin

We all got rides wit extra features

It's a bunch of ya'll, one got dough, the rest is leeches

You probably mad cuz I be sexin divas

I should pull this pistol out and make you touch your sneakers

I'm on some cool out shit, but I will pull this tool out quick

And put some holes in your new outfit

You frontin hard cuz you whip a Range

But it's a 4.0, you nerd nigga, you heard Jigga now get your change..."



thats a tight pic, it looks like its a still frame from

a homemade movie or some shit....

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