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the metric system

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that one says power














i stole all these. some i stole from web sites and some i stole from friends and some i even stole from friends websites.


viva metric


1 millimetre [mm] = 0.0394 in

1 centimetre [cm] =10 mm =0.3937 in

1 metre [m] =100 cm =1.0936 yd

1 kilometre [km] =1000 m =0.6214 mile



1 inch [in] = 2.54 cm

1 foot [ft] =12 in =0.3048 m

1 yard [yd] =3 ft =0.9144 m

1 mile =1760 yd =1.6093 km

1 int nautical mile= 2025.4 yd =1.852 km


1 milligram [mg] =0.0154 grain

1 gram [g] =1,000 mg =0.0353 oz

1 kilogram [kg] =1,000 g =2.2046 lb

1 tonne [t] =1,000 kg =0.9842 long ton (UK)


1 ounce [oz] =437.5 grain =28.35 g

1 pound [lb] =16 oz =0.4536 kg

1 stone =14 lb =6.3503 kg

1 hundredweight [cwt] =112 lb =50.802 kg

1 long ton (UK) =20 cwt =1.016 t

1 short ton (US) =2,000 lb =0.907 t


think easy.

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Guest imported_Europe

Very nice new flicks.


And the metric is so cool...

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