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Who is it.. (no image available) !?

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Who is it..? AKA the SABER post!!!


Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I want to see flix (and I have none).




So I was flipping thru the new issue of Sport Compact Car (http://www.sportcompactcarweb.com/) today and I spotted this piece. It's kinda hard to miss.. I THINK it's the April issue maybe? Anyhow, it's the one that's got this years "Top 8" cars in it and I think it's on the page with the Celica? I wanted to post a flick because it said you could download a wallpaper (of the celica, w/ the graf behind it) from the site, but it's not on there (yet)..


This writer has GOT to be someone distinct tho..


The piece was a bottom up piece, but it went a good 15' high. It was orange and black with some crazy dripping firey 3d shit going on but (most importantly) it looked like some crazy revok/sever style piece only it kinda looked like some big ass sharp church/castle thing? It had spires on it and shit. It was REALLY ill and I hope that this helps me to figure out who this is. Post a pic if you've got a guess (even if it's not a castle) or if you've seen the mag. Maybe they'll post that wallpaper soon.




-> Jedd

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Yes it is! Thank you! I didn't think I'd find out but boy was that quick!


BTW, I totally know who Saber is (who doesn't?) but I couldn't see enough of it to read with that damned car in the way (I couldn't even see all that trippy blue stuff). Plus, I've never seen any pieces by him quite like that.


Is there already a Saber post? If not, how bout now? Give it up..


-> Jedd

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You know what else? Would it be THAT hard for people to give it up once and awhile for graffiti artists when they use their shit in mags and ads and shit? I mean, I'm doubting that was made for the magazine.. they could've at least not blocked so much as to be able to read it.. or caption. Who knows, that's a whole other post.


-> Jedd (Again.. still).

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