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why 69 is just a waste


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Guest imported_El Mamerro

69's command the universe. I simply cannot fathom why you guys don't dig it. It feels good physically cause you're getting head, it feels good mentally cause you know you're pleasing her, and it looks even better visually. Bonus points: If you get her really into it, you increase the chances of her forgetting how gross swallowing is.


However I do agree that positioning my hairy ass crack over the lady's face is quite an ungentlemanly thing to do. Beer,


El Mamerro

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Guest platapie
Originally posted by Pilau Hands

i never like being on top.

women are attractive

men are hairy

to ensure her hapiness, i'm not trying to wave my ass in her face.


girls on top forever.

true dat homie.

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69 takes too much concentration, for enjoyment. i think my boy uses as a way for me to do some work for him, cuz the second we start, he stops.


how does one convince a boy to go down? mine never does (and no, it's not a personal issue), i all the males here seem to love it, WTF!?! how can i get my fair share?

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