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a reason why im better than you

Guest Secs Oner

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muuuuuuahahahahhahahhaha wheeeeeeeeew.... you musta been 'bboying' and fell on your god dam head to many times...


worm one...




you cant even stay in tha lines with your colors............




i to tha bbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiizzzzzzzzay ttttttttttttttttttt to tha eassseeeeAYYY!!!!!

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Originally posted by Secs Oner

i dont fucking care if there is another WORM.. the fact of the matter is- I am worm ONE.

If that kid has a problem.. i'll battle him. I dont really care... but he hasnt said anything yet, so... whats up with that?

Ive been writing longer, and ive been on this board longer then 90% of you... so- basically.. shut the fuck up.



And to the dude who laughed at my R... wheres yours? Thought so.

Just because my letters arent a reflection of EVERY OTHER GENERIC letter used by writers today, dont knock it. Praise the creative side of writing... fucking toys.

Get a life.

If i knew a bunch of jealous, biting toys were going to respond to this- i wouldnt have posted.


this nigga says he wants to battle worm HAHAHAHHA!!!!!!

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Guest Secs Oner

this is just ridiculous...


What is this? A toy convention?

And ive been PAINTING for MUCH longer then 2 years boyo...



funny how i still havnt seen anything better from you fucking toys.

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Guest Secs Oner

Re: lol


post your fucking work faggot.

Its funny how a toy could refer to my work as a "joke" without even bothering to post his own





Originally posted by Asid

Your all morons this is a joke, if you cant realise that I feel sorry for you...

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I Wouldn't go so far as to say that you suck, But you do however lack SKILL, ORIGINALITY, TALENT, PATIENCE, and TACT.


This really must just be your way of rubbing the proverbial 12oz sheets together to gain some static to keep shit interesting, cause brother, you are not better than me, or even 25% of the other kids on this board. Even Sudz has posted better sketches.

Maybe if you actually had the balls to paint a piece OUT that said WORM, you would get more respect. I mean, even I could very easily bite (Hmmmm, let's see who's hot right now...) Scar, or even Saber on a sketch and post it for some attention, even negative attention, and it would get my little b-boy graff jocking panties all wet. See, at least I know where you're coming from.

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please be joking. this has to be a joke. LOOK AT THAT. jesus fucking christ. if you can't see how bad that is for you to be talking shit, you deserve to be shot in the face and dropped in a fucking hole to die.


wait, how bad is it?




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