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After taking drinking to a new level this weekend, my buddy and I racked our alcohol-flooded brains for an appropriate term to describe how we spent our time:

If you've ever lived by the water, chances are you've been on a boat- if you've ever gotten drunk on a boat- you might be able to recall the sensation of stepping back onto solid ground... it's all woooaaaahhhhh- and THAT is exactly what DEM-BOATS is all about.

So you've drank, smoked or gotten your staightedged equivalent on and you're too spent to go into detail when some wise-ass wants to know what you've been up to. Just tell em' in your best Miss Cleo voice- "We been on dem boats" and leave it at that! Not only will you sound 'hip' but you will have exerted very little effort- and once this great new phrase catches on- everyone will know what's up and will wait until you've fully recovered before asking you about any interesting details you may have retained from your most recent adventures in hedonism!

But don't let my interpretation of the phrase serve as a limitation to it's uses- DEM-BOATS has a variety of applications to be explored within the context of partying. Let's say some nasty girl has you in mind for a booty call but you've already picked out some dandy arm-candy for the night- when the skeezer calls and wants to know where the party is at, what you you say? You know it- and unless T'wanya the Trashy Trailer Tuna can find her gills, you are safe within the comfort provided by DEM-BOATS!

Really though, when you think about it (harder than you should), DEM-BOATS is alot like some of the best things in life. IT'S FREE! How can you pass up using this handy new phrase, and still can yourself a decent human being?










yes... I have better things I should be doing.

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