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Found 1 result

  1. It's no secret that Californians have been moving to other parts of the country. This, particularly has hit Austin, TX pretty hard IMO. Some people don't care, but I'm not one of those. My fear is that these are naive people that fell for political tactics and politicians that have done greedy things in the state.... and now that the state is effectively ruined in terms of many things, people are leaving in droves. The bone I have to pick is that the Californians that have landed here have, for the most part, absolutely shit attitudes towards Texas, the environment, and Texans in general. Texas is a place where men hold the door for women, it always has been. We take pride in ownership of things, we work hard for what we have rather than hold our hands out asking others to provide for us. We teach our young boys how to be young men and our young girls how to be ladies. We've seen a major uptick in the past 6 years in the homeless population here. I see CA license plates all the time, all over town. This didn't used to be a thing, but now it's a thing. These two things seemed to have happened at the same time. I also see a lot of REALLY SHITTY homemade campers on the back of junky ass pickup trucks with CA plates. You can tell people are living out of their trucks over here and not registering their cars with TX plates. I don't know what the benefit of it is, but it's happening. My new neighbor came directly from CA. I still have not met my "neighbor" but she has left probably 2 bags worth of trash, unbagged, on the curb. Like, I don't fucking know what they do in CA but in Texas we have "don't mess with Texas." It's a no littering campaign, you know.... because we understand the "don't shit where you sleep" rule in life. Disclaimer, I don't hate you if you're from CA automatically.... I just have a strong propensity to as soon as you start telling me anything that starts off with, "well back in california, this is how we did this.... ______________." Or, if you don't integrate into our society here.... that YOU CHOSE TO MOVE TO AND JOIN. Change your plate to Texas, shut up about CA, don't complain about our produce, and throw your trash in a can.... also stop acting like such a pussy and that things are owed to you or others must do things to appease you, if not, then please..... go fuck yourself. Anyway, the whole point of me starting this thread was this: What do you all that live there think of these new laws? p.s. I really don't dislike you guys, anyone on this forum from anywhere.... just looking to gain some insight from those that may know the other side of this better than I do.
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