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Found 8 results

  1. A few things I was lucky enough to see while checking out this exhibit which was pretty well done IMO. Went twice, had so much fun Saturday night and was able to score free tickets to come back and bring my wife who couldn't make it Saturday. Actually took flicks on Sunday, the last day of the exhibit. Complete list of Artists ect. https://beyondthestreets.com/pages/artists Personal fave both art, and general personality wise almost as soon as I walked in. Incase you haven't met him yet Futura 2000 is the man. Dude lives by his own rules very well. Probably should have shot more of the freight stuff. This giant miniature of the Southern Pacific box car was pretty dope. For scale, not sure why this looks like a bad pano but you get the picture. 2019-09-28 18.34.42.mov Cool installation, lots of foreign currency on display. Out of all the stuff I hadn't seen before, this piece above got me really stoked the most. Not that I didn't come across a lot of cool shit I hadn't seen before, this is just so dope to me. Not even sure who the artist is. Now I realize why people were taking pictures of the little signs next to the art lol. Photo does no justice it was huge, I want to say 8 feet tall maybe. Beastie Boys exhibit was pretty dope, a lot of cool details I'm sure I overlooked some of them. Taki and early NYC gang era wall. Right across from Taki, the one and only true pioneer himself. West coast pioneer/original as well. They had the uni's, and the mini's... Took a quick oontz break. I've seen this artists work before online, doesn't do it justice. Cleon Peterson I think. Really dig the style, the use of color, and the confirmation bias I get as an Anarchist. At least that's the statement/message I walk away from it with. Government is violence. Artists that have hands on shit for kids to do at art shows earn automatic respect. IMO these are the most important, and most overlooked people at any art show. Couldn't resist a quick one liner. Lady Pink shot by Martha Cooper, Jesus Christ she was dope. That's all I got, hope you enjoyed.
  2. In the land of the Bay lays a group oft woman who have been putting in work around the land and I've been able to document what these woman are doing and how they are setting a pace for what putting in work means the crew MAD GIRLS KREW is a name that can't be missed around The Town here are so photos and links. https://youtu.be/MBwQk7GkLYo https://youtu.be/-DfqOS_HcIc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGVyl011HBs&t=18s
  3. just done a new video and wanted to share with you guys, hope you enjoy. :)
  4. just been exploring this abandoned WW1 lab and did a few pieces just wanted to share it with you guys...
  5. Hey guys just uploaded this, just wondering what you guys think??
  6. just made this video with a go pro i got for christmas and wanted to share it with you guys,
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