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Found 1 result

  1. So I've been talking to the mods as well as a handful of members I talk to in real life about the need and plan to draft rules for the community, as well as for specific sections. Likewise, we've also been discussing moderating protocols as a part of that. Anyhow, the community has seen steady growth, which is great. It ebbs and flows, but has been incrementally trending up since we relaunched it about two years ago or so. There's been a few spikes or exponential growth and there's a lot I'm trying to do outside the forum to build up budget to be able to take bigger steps with both the 12ozProphet brand and the forum. That being said, we're also living in a highly charged environment, that seems to only evolve to entirely new levels of volatility. Seems almost all aspects of daily life quickly degrade into a shit storm of discussion across the internet and we've obviously seen our fair share of contentious debate, trolling and disrespect (intended or not). I'd like to believe at the end of the day we're all fairly smart individuals that care about our fellow man. That we all seek pretty much the same ultimate goal - a quality life for ourselves and our own, but simply disagree on the path to get to it. In any case, as the world continues it's crazy spin and the forum continues to grow and evolve, I think we all could benefit from some basic ground rules to help keep topics clean, keep conversations respectful and keep the time spent on 12oz fun, if not an opportunity to learn, connect and grow. So to that end, I'd like to open the discussion up here in news section as this is probably the subsection that could benefit most from a sort of "12oz code of ethical discussion". I'd love to see references some of you might have to other areas online that have successfully addressed this issue, as well as hear suggestion and feedback so we can refine our own version. Hopefully the various points of view and the hand in helping me assemble this will smooth the process along since I've dragged ass on it for far too long.
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