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Found 2 results

  1. Ahead of the curve fellas and chicas.... One I've been enjoying the shit out of recently because it has good actors and it's pretty funny. I don't think I've seen any shows with the subject around this premise before. What shows are you all currently watching on streaming services, and WHY do you like them?
  2. Sometimes weekends are like a blur you do so many things and sometimes you just relax and wait for the next work week to begin. What did you all do this past weekend? I'll start off: * Replaced intake manifold on E39 BMW to find that the VANOS oil line had a large crack in it. Covered the driveway in oil before realizing it was leaking. FANTASTIC JOB DHABZ. * Cleaned the garage. * Drove to and from the hospital in Downtown San Antonio. On the way back witnessed 2 of the most amazing lightning strikes I've ever seen. One was panoramic across the entire sky and one was so strong/dense that when it dissipated it turned into perfectly spaced fading balls of electricity. * Hung out with some friends from high school that I haven't seen in a long time. Upcoming weekend plans: * Prepare for Pikes Peak at the end of the month. * Front driveshaft u-joints on Suburban (affectionately referred to as Big Booty Judy). * New distributor on Suburban. * New tires on Suburban.
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