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  1. New Aware tribute done over at the wheel of misfortune done by @sorry @toxic @9ozofterror!
  2. My humble little collection Not nearly as old as some of the ones posted in here but I am working on obtaining more media! I originally bought this issue of spreading the disease back in 2007ish and just recently found it again. It was a pleasant surprise rereading it and finding out that Aware had a section in this issue. Also I know the VHS isn't a zine but bit of a cool story. My older brother originally obtained it a long time ago but recently found it again and threw it my way, believing it had some OG Vegas film on it but the tape was pretty messed up so it wouldn't play. I was able to get it repaired and digitalized and found out it was an old 1990's Videograf Issue # 8 VHS. Not sure if it's a bootleg or not but it was super interesting seeing a ton of NY legends getting down!
  3. My first assignment of the spring semester and first time working with studio lighting/fill cards! Thought I would share the 1 out of 220 shots and I actually liked, stoked to learn more about shooting in a studio setting! Composition inspired by early still life paintings by Francisco Goya. Anyone here experienced with studio lighting and have any useful techniques?
  4. There's definitely no shortage of dope spots out there!
  5. Always wanted to give this book a try after being fond of the Netflix adaptation. Let me know how you end up liking it!
  6. First time trying my hand at some macro. Only shot out of 50 I thought was eye catching enough to be somewhat usable in my upcoming assignment. Using a 55mm kit lens reverse mounted with a junk tripod. Looking forward to learning more though, already have a lot of ideas flowing through my head!
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