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  1. 46 minutes ago, Dark_Knight said:

    My son was puking all night Friday and all day yesterday but he woke up feeling good today so we went on an all day city hike and around 5 I got hit with this shit hard and had to drop him off to his mom. 

    This shit is fucking brutal. Non stop coming out of both ends. Norovirus is what it’s called I guess. A lot worse than covid. I’m Im immunocompromised and this shit is fucking kicking my ass bad. Might be admitted. I’ll let oontz fans know if I’m dying 🙏🏻


    damn. free my guy (from the toilet)


    i just got bronchitis but so far it's pretty chill. 

  2. going through a real bad patch in my relationship this week. it's been six and a half years and while we're still talking i think it's probably over. 


    chalk some of it up to maturity but i have marveled at the patience i've been able to muster for this process. i drank because i wanted to feel good, or even just different, and immediately. i conducted my entire life that way. didn't matter how irrational or dramatic the change was. it had to be instantaneous.


     i am handling this completely differently — with patience and compassion and making moves only when it is clear that i can and should. what a thing we have here. 



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  3. 2 hours ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

    This is the thought process I have been adapting and implementing in my painting business for real. Exact thoughts lol. The amount of money I see being thrown around at the absolute most garbage shit really got me thinking recently.  


    the last few years really radicalized me to become a "fix old stuff" person. house stuff in particular. i can't imagine buying a smart home or smart appliances. none of it is built to last, it's so expensive, it's all meant to be replaced once it's out of warranty. 

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  4. 7 hours ago, morton said:

    How did your family make it? From scratch or from a can, with or without beans.


    I had Chili over rice a number of times, a favorite of POZ also if I recall.


    chili over rice is top tier. anything over rice is though. i'm aggressively pro-rice, it's the best carb. 


    i think the chili recipe was usually: 


    - whatever ground beef was on sale that week (feel like we had a lot of 85/15)

    - canned tomato purée 

    - canned diced tomato

    - a white onion, minced and cooked down

    - garlic powder

    - canned red beans or black beans

    - cumin

    - black pepper 


    top with sour cream, cheese (i skipped both and went for hot sauce) 

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