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  1. that looks fucking GOOD, ive lately been trying to practice drawing Gundam SD Chibi's for some murals and pieces looks fucking sweet!!
  2. Idk how you go from a nice red outline straight letter to this weird toyish jumble of a mess...
  3. Damn havent seen an ALTS piece since I was in HS in 2009
  4. This sounds soooo fucking retarded, like when teenagers try to act like they're sooo hardcore and "gangsta" lmaoo dood..grow tf up. Tagbanging hasn't been a thing since the 90s and was a mistake even then. ( >_>)
  5. Whered you get that Japanese Name tag sticker??
  6. Idk what it is but I love occasionally coming and checking out the toy sections of forums like here and bombing science etc. Some of you Toys are on the cusp of turning into intermediate writers or at least high level toys, and its like watching little Pokémon grow and evolve. its honestly really really neat to watch and see the progression and see some of you honestly listen to helpful and honest critiques and advice, so keep on practicing and putting in work like you goyims have been doing and use this time off of work and this quarantine to get better and better, find chill spots or talk to owners of businesses to practice piecing and can control and get better and better
  7. Thnx but there's no fill yet, its just a blk n white outline from a DollarTree Smol Notepad Here's some more ultra quick Smol Notepad Outlines
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