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  1. @JokerThanks for the advise, i do see wat you mean with the tops of the letters going too high, you have helped me tremendously and there's nothin more to do but get drawin
  2. @Joker or anyone else, id love some crits, dont hold bak
  3. @joker, thanks for the crits and complements, i for sure will paint that piece, as for markers i do go letter by letter, but i dont go light to dark so ill have to try that, an as for the piece does this look better?
  4. @Jokeror anyone else how do my letters look, any crits?
  5. @Joker Thnx for the crit all that makes alot of sense, an no sweat bout not replying right away, the only problem is i have moved on to other stuff, altho if u could peep them out that would be nice (also i for sure threw that sketch up, but bubbled)
  6. @Joker or anyone else id love a crit on these pieces as well as my tags, I also gots some style questions that I'd love some answers too, how do you properly do 3d where you show highlights in the 3d? can you do a core shadow in ur letters an if so how does one go about doing so, I saw a revok piece that had the highlights of his piece go from the center out, as if his light source was at the same perspective as the person viewing the piece, is there a name for that? also what is the name for the red sheen i did on my two pieces and am I doing it properly?
  7. @joker, or anyone else, id love a crit, how do these look?
  8. @BigPimpKoldlooks pretty good, but the letter structure of ur k is broken, the arm and leg of your k should be attached on the same vertices
  9. @Joker Thanks for the crit, ill add less arrows
  10. @Jokeri've got a couple straight letters and my first couple attempts with extensions and arrows, my cuz kept egging me on to add more arrows but the middle one is the best looking in my opinion. anyways id love some feed back/ a crit
  11. @Jokerthose are some sick ass tags, ima have to get to drawin!!
  12. @joker thnx for the advise, ill start dabbling with more extensions an other wildstyle elements, ill try an hit u back in a couple days
  13. sorry to overload the feed but i would love some critiques on these tags
  14. @Joker i know its been a while but i figured i'd show u some of my progression, i messed around with some straight line straight letters, some where they all connected, would love feed back on any an all. Also i know im no where near good enough to do wild styles but how do you break through into doing more technical pieces like those?
  15. @Joker been wrkin hard, trying out different ways to format straight letters, poteb is big,small,big,small,big, i was wondering if u knew any other formats i could mess around with, also i've been messing around with some fundementals. to fine art, forms specifically (spheres, cubes, cones) i was wondering wat the style of those letters (the p e b) is called, its not quite beveled, an im not sure that im doing the shading correctly but id love some help, an advice. also id love more resources on fine art fundementals if u have any (books vids websites ect)
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