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  1. @glorydaystake the 2nd and 3rd on the left and use a whole page for each. You might find scaling up the entire word easier. this was for my dog.
  2. Been practicing on anything i can get my hands on lol, ENVO cos it’s on an envelope. Those dens pictures are hella educational 👍🏻
  3. Pencil sketches. Gunna re do the drips between H & L. First time trying them.
  4. Think you need to work on angling the X the same as the other letters. Also I’d drop the 3D shadow until you get a solid shape on the letters and then use a ruler or something else straight edge and draw equal length lines in the same direction starting from every corner on the side you want the 3D.
  5. Work on your keyboard letters bro. Basics before wilds. Work on getting even size bars within simple block letters before adding the checks and flashes and arrows.
  6. Write the name above cypher anyone?
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