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  1. ExtraKool iLLSuperFreSh
  2. I am in. This is something I need to do any way. When do we start?
  3. I think I argee. He was heavy in the town 05-08ish. Such a good name.
  4. How old is this? Ghoul used to have so many tags in the 206. Its is one of my favorite names. So grimy.
  5. @Ray40 You are getting better. A lot better. But I still say try just writing normal block and bubble letters. How can we ever understand shape and balance of structures if we can just write our name? Here are my thoughts. The circles are the negative space. The R and A have a bunch while the Y has none. Making it off balance. Also the arrows are where I think you could make the have your letters the same height. The R and Y both sit oddly. With the A in the middle of your name you have a good strong letter . It basicly has four corners. Giving tones of options for shape.
  6. Progress not perfection.
  7. Being insiee all the time is helping me get better at this. BlockBuster is back open for business.
  8. I feel like it needs more. But I will stop before I fuck it up.
  9. @JokerI fucked the 3d up a bit but.....
  10. It is going down. Let me get back to you on this man.
  11. Taking the idea from the write the name above thred.
  12. Whoa buddie. This is WAY better. The proportions are right. As is the spacing. Keep up the good work. Style will come aftet the technique. You are well on your way.
  13. Quick burner style I am working out.
  14. EkONE23


    I agree with what is said above. I did t have it till I had it. And that just came one day out of nowhere.
  15. Are outlining in your fill color and then filling and then go back outlining with black? Or are you outlining black and trying to color in the lines?.... I ask because your fill looks spotty. Looks you tried to color in the lines. Try making a smooth motion left to right. Moving your arm all the way across each letter in a single motion. This will give you a smooth finish.
  16. EkONE23


    The bottom tag here is fucking heat.
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