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  1. Wow that helps a lot thanks so much man first time trying to actually learn letter structures
  2. Something I did in class that I’m much more proud of
  3. The K is super wack idk how to fix it lols
  4. PheelThaPhonk


    I feel u man. I like chunky shoes only when it’s simple. I hate those ugly ass chunky filas. DC and old skate shoes are where it’s at
  5. PheelThaPhonk


    Those bitches r so clean
  6. PheelThaPhonk


    Dc came out with new versions of their old shoes
  7. yea i wanna get something small just for like flicks or something and i am interested in street photography so i wanna get some mirrorless camera thats a good price that isnt too bad. i heard good things about the sony alpha series but i heard that the older models are very dated.
  8. so basically dress like a slav
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