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  1. thanks man. i get what you mean by wet noodle looking, this isnt the first time you said it to me also lol. Im struggling to change my bars without them looking like a noodle tho.
  2. how do you feel about this?
  3. ah, i uploaded the wrong file. this is the right picture. dont know how to edit my post.
  4. hey guys, how do u like these 2? strugglin alot with T
  5. i have another question. what are some usefull threads on here that are good for toys to binge? there are so many im kinda overwhelmed lol
  6. yea i realized the same thing after a while. i changed it and also i did the Ö bigger because i feel its kinda messing up the flow (i guess).and i took ur 3d bcz it fits so good.
  7. ok i see. ive changed my drawing a bit and tried to overlap some bars. idk if like it more or less, im not sure if i should hide the bar of my R.
  8. Ok man, that looks really dope and i gotta agree the Y looks stupid. Since u already, imo, perfected the piece i drew another with a similar style but kinda different. Another question tho, i dont know any rules about layering. See i always thought u should layer from left to right, so that the H is infront of the ö wich is infront of the R. I saw on ur sketch that u put the Y infront and i think that would give me more possibilities obviously but i always thought that was a no go.
  9. thanks for taking the time man, looks really fucking dope. okey so i used ur drawing as help and this is what i got. im really bad with extensions and i cant really make the piece dance, if u know what i mean. also i suck with negative space i think.
  10. ok thanks joker im gonna tell him that. I drew a lil bit in the last days aswell, i tried to write Hörbi (ö is a german letter, idk how to explain how it sounds but its something like the ea of early i guess) so Hearby would probably be the closest. Idk if these are any good, ive tried to make them pretty simple with nothing to fancy. im just trying to sketch alot over the winter. The last one isnt finished as u can see but i liked the R and the B so far and wanted to know what u think of it
  11. What up 12oz one of my friends can draw really really well but hes still new to grafitti. He always sends me pictures of his shit and to me it looks dope. sadly tho i cant help him that much since im a big toy but i thought maybe if i post his work here u guys could give him a couple of tips. Thanks guys
  12. ok thanks man thats something i can work with. What do u think of the looks of the throw in general? if time didnt matter i mean. gonna draw something easier now tho and upload it
  13. darm brother why not. can u give me some tips. i really like it tbh
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