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  1. Giant

    Toys post here...

    Been really frustrated trying to fix this but here is where I’m at
  2. Giant

    Toys post here...

    Yer I did tweek it a bit moved the p changed the top of the n and tilted the o a bit and ended up with this
  3. Giant

    Toys post here...

    Ok name change. Saves agro. Pendo actually got the name from my son he loves trains and the pendolino is his favourite haha simple change haven’t seen anyone writing this but I’m sure someone will enlighten me lol
  4. Giant

    Toys post here...

    @One Man BannedI ain't trying to take no ones credit there are so many names out there that are duplicated like I said no one writes giant over here so I not infringing on anyone I'm not saying my names Mike giant am I... I didn't think I was. Yes I am toy still like I said previously iv been writing on and of for several years. I'm not claiming to be anything more than toy I put uk in my maybe i should use a number 2 aswell like I said I'm not Reyna steal someone else's fame or credit just trying to earn my own
  5. Giant

    Toys post here...

    Put some colour to this one. Might add a background later @One Man Banned - I plan to fail often... that's how progress is made. @Fist 666ignorance to what? And as far as I am aware no one writes giant in the uk I could be wrong and I am aware of Mike giant but I haven't emulated or copied any of his style I believe nor do I plan too. And weather or not you believe I am good enough or not to write any word I will continue. So good morning from the uk hope you all have a pleasant day
  6. Giant

    Toys post here...

    New here done graff on and off for number of years now rarely get to the walls but had an operation recently and been stuck at home recovering so got back into drawing. the red one had a few areas I tried to correct or improve once it was filled with a marker, used pencils to go over and wasn't overly happy with the g or the i
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