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  1. Ok, so I was visiting my cousins in New Mexico who also write and we started catching tags and slapping a few stickers. Then we are about to leave to finback to there house and my cousin decides he has to tag one Last thing. I had only gone stickers cause I forgot my markers at home and couldn’t bring them on the trip so I just slapped a sticker on it and kept moving. Then they( my brother and my cousin) tag it and take a super long time and a cop car pulls over as soon as we finish and ask us if we were tagging it.I say no and he has no proof that we did it and couldn’t check us cause he didn’t have a permit so he end letting us go. Then he follows us for a bit before leaving us alone. We got lucky and I was suspicious for the rest of the trip. Moral of the story, don’t try to catch one last tag or slap one last sticker
  2. Are you a writer?
  3. Thanks Joker, I was wondering is it bad we have similiar names, does it really matter
  4. Almost got arrested the other day lol
  5. Thanks guys for the feedback
  6. Ok, does it look bad though
  7. Advice on these sketches pls
  8. Wut happened to this thread
  9. This ain’t no toy hand style, that’s some good shit
  10. Thanks @Joker. @KaneVCB he is the man, trust everything joker says
  11. I see that every day on the way into the city
  12. I have a question, I have been skating flat rails and the skate park and my own slit do I was wondering if I should try hand rails, I’d this Ollie high enough to make the rail
  13. Still pushing mongo but I am going to fix that next, speaking of that, what should I learn next IMG_7613.mov IMG_7614.mov
  14. IMG_7591.MOV IMG_7534.MOV IMG_7551.MOV IMG_7589.MOV
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