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  1. Yeah I agree the X was off. It was some experimental stuff and I was trying to get adjusted to it. I wasn’t trying to do 3D though, it was a just a shit drop shadow
  2. Did some more sketching
  3. @JokerAwesome, I really the appreciate the help.
  4. Practicing some simples
  5. Okay so watched a how to piece video from The Artist Block to see if I could learn anything new and in the video Grim states that when constructing a block letter the bars have to connect at the verticies. But what about an L where I only see one of the verticies actually makes contact with a verticies from another bar. And what about the letter T where there it connects at the center of the bar and not any of the verticies? I know I’ve gotta be misunderstanding something but I can’t exactly put my finger on it. Would someone mind clearing that up?
  6. Messing around with more letters and such. Could I get some crits?
  7. Gimik piece for bs battle
  8. @misteravenI appreciate the suggestion but I think I'm gonna stick with the "i" that I have for now. I kind of like where I'm going with it. But then again i'll probably end up changing it up in the future anyways lol
  9. @JokerDamn I didn't even think of integrating the I into the A like that. I was too focused on keeping the two letters separate. I see what you mean with the letter structure of the R too.
  10. @LUGR Alright for sure, I appreciate it.
  11. I’ve been working on developing an “i” and I’ve created a letter that I like but after playing around with it for awhile I’m struggling to figure out how to fit it into my piece. Could I get some suggestions?
  12. @Joker Alright for sure, I appreciate it.
  13. @Joker I was looking for advice so I guess I should've made that clear lol. Thanks for the critique and taking time to create some examples though! My terminology knowledge is pretty bad so I'm gonna have to ask what you mean by bar weight? Are you just referring to consistent bar width?
  14. Kinda new here, but here’s some quick pieces I was working on today. I’ve been trying to attempt my pieces in the same way I do my throwies. I’m trying to lay out the lines for the bars in one clean stroke rather than sketching them out slowly.
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