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  1. I feel like iv just been doing fancy throwies but I feel like the letters flow better with a more rounded or flowy look? But they don’t have that ‘wow ok that’s a sketch worthy of a peice’ look....what do u guys think
  2. Honestly abit boring to do....I feel like even tho I could work on getting straighter lines (I was doing this ligit on my lap tbh i don’t have a desk rn) I think I got the straight letters down. Iv got half my blackbook filled with diff bubble letters n shit. I wanna develop but I don’t really know what to do next tbh.
  3. And since when do graffers care abt the general public. Street artist prolly like him.
  4. U like his stuff? Check out blek de rat - if ur into stencil art. Banksy copy’s all his stuff. It’s almost comical if it wasn’t so popular but it is, so it’s just sad. i actually appreciate political humor and seeing it on the street is okay I guess but honestly it’s coming from banksy so...Graff belongs on the streets yh, street art? It’s wierd. It’s contradictory. The fuckers want street art but not graff and that’s fucked up. Graff started that shit. Seeing banksy fuck graff and then getting accepted by the public is such a spit in the face to the whole scene. We concentrate more on celebrating robbo rly then thinking abt banksy tho we cbb wasting time on him lol
  5. Rly thanks for the advise will work on it. 💪💪👍🤟 I’ll post when I get home n practice.
  6. Nah Iv lived in America but that was before I got into graff but I’m from the uk n living there now. Shittt that dudes heavvvy. Wicked.
  7. Yh I get u. Who’s sever. Ur stuff id rly good dude. I like ur stuff. Ppl are playas it’s so fucked. It’s sad toys are put in and good ppl are taken in just bc of sex. What a waste.
  8. Oh no shit. As a rep from the uk I think I can say we hold a general opinion of fuck him...at least those of us that actually graff. Was talking to a fam friend the other day about art in general and she mentions ‘street art’ and ‘oh banksy...talented guy isn’t he, his graffiti no?’and I was like trying not to give myself away but was like ‘hell nah he’s not a writer and he’s some disrespectful fucktard’. Pretty subtle😂. Can’t believe the idiot is so liked. Team robbo all the way 💪💪🤟
  9. Thanks for the feedback but ignore what...the ig or the diff attitudes to girls? And wym by good fight in terms of what
  10. I hear what ur saying yeh I appreciate the advise. Will work on it. But i don’t give a flying fuck about my ig and how ‘famouse’ I am on there. Fuck that. I’m famouse on the streets. Idk why u think a gender makes a diff on ig. If ur trash ur trash wether ur a boy or girl....I dunno
  11. Yeh but the problems still here ... my parents don’t know anythinnngggg they see my sketches and markers (they don’t know what the markers are 😂 ) They’ve never seen my cans or seen me sneak out so 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ They wouldn’t kick me out of the house - they would kick the graff out of me and I’m not down for that.
  12. I love how the toy thread has like non toy stuff but any critiques??
  13. I would want competions...I think the competions are corny based on the platforms...insta isn’t rly taken srsly yh...wtvr I think it gets new ideas going? I like them. Plus I’m broke and wouldn’t mind getting supplies for free 😂😂
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