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  1. damn uv got some solid style dude. bigup.
  2. damn thats not in the city is it. crazy fun. urbex is cool. storytime: once upon a time i found an abandoned supermarket, i climb into it thru a back alley turns out to be a huge emty dirt pit half filled with water withno ceiling n a dead bird. there was an even nufff ground by a wall n so became my first personal chill spot. that was a nice day. happily ever after.
  3. @Ray40you need to get out more. theres only so much you learn online. more then if your doing ur letters right. find writers in ur area. also nice pfp lol.
  4. word. i honestly wouldnt have cared abt it if they werent involved.
  5. Oiiiiiii ppl limeliciouz just went DIGITAL
  6. Iv not been sleeping Iv done a bare lot of work just going back thru outlining my black book n filling them in ... also working on a charachter....I’ll post abit of it n I’ll post afew more sketches n stuff
  7. This guys old skl in London...so I guess the outward pointing arrows isn’t an iron clad rule?
  8. @Jokerperfect. Save the day again lol. Was mostly wondering if it’s total crap or got some potential.... i think I might make it thicker or something. I dunno I feel like if I wud see someone else do it I wud flip past them and laugh toyyy so hard. I dunno. I’ll work it out.
  9. Make ur dropshadow thick noticeable. Rn ur dropshadow thin and looks wonky cos it’s swallowing the regular thin lines. Just something I learned
  10. Done a few but starting to look repetitive help me out with this wackass wildstyle antistyle whateva u want
  11. @Joker ok I’ll try it .... up to u if u want me to post it again with the edits also this one i copied an outline a friend did ... he was practicing chisel styles I think. good dude.
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