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  1. The official restart of the Twin Cities graffiti thread. For the older writers welcome back, for the newer generation welcome. It's important that we preserve this culture. Past and present. The 12 oz prophet forum is the place to do that. I encourage everyone documenting the scene currently to post pictures on here as well as (or instead of!) your social media. Older writers/photographers with flicks, please share them on here. It's important for new generations to see the rich history of Twin Cities graffiti. And for everyone who is doing their thing currently, this is a place to get quality photos of your work, and see what others are up to. Without wading through social media. UNLIKE social media, it's wack to post a bunch of your own work on here. This is a place to document the scene as it exists, and as it has existed in the past. A digital library. A way to keep our community connected, to know that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, likes and followers. And a space where we can see the bigger picture. This first batch of photos is recent. If you are posting old flicks, it would be very cool to know when they are from. Long live the most important art movement of the 21st century.
  2. This is just a test to see how uploading photos works in 2019. Looks like most of the links for the photos in this thread have expired. Gonna start a new Twin Cities thread
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