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  1. Im posting this here because I cant find a regular wall thread that arent city designated, tremclad and stock tips
  2. i live in winnipeg manitoba which has been clocked before as one of the coldest places on the planet, I was gonna stop and chill over winter but found i havent been able too, ive gotten frostbite twice. Put your cans in your bag before you leave and then fill 2 2lrs with boiling water, put it in your bag with your cans and put a sweater over it to kind of keep it insullated. and then youll have a couple hours. My 2 hommies forgot last time and as soon as we got to the wall their cans were freezing up, mine were hot when i got to the wall and worked awesome stock tips and trem
  3. your letters are beginning to get some flow n steelo giant. Keep it up man progressions beginning to happen
  4. Exchange with an old school Chicago dude says FERE. Almost done the coloring on it.
  5. you always got the knowledge, lol i watched this mike giant college lecture not long ago and he mentions you in it
  6. I draw alot, all the time every day. its hard to explain, i find when im not distracted by a drawing when im at the wall Im able to totally focus on the wall and just sketch on that, n that my movements are more fluid with the can because im not focused on two things at once, Like before i go out i will draw rough outlines of what im going to do, but i dont usually bring it with me
  7. cause your the first guy to ever connect the bottom of your letters
  8. where in brick slayers because everywhere is designated to citys im not from and the city i am from prob wouldnt survive on here even, and i cant post ones that are drawn and then painted because i dont really draw outlines before i paint them
  9. 2 tremclad tall cans and stock tips cause i forgot my adapter at home, over all happy with it tho its in a super visible spot
  10. honnestly havent really been drawing up outlines ahead of time just been doing em off the top
  11. They need a post ur painted peices thread like bs
  12. Mostly stock tips ran out of touch up paint had to rack more the next day to clean it up. Found my adapter tho
  13. havent been bringing sketches to the walls at all lately been just doing it off the top
  14. got my adapter back almost had to scrap a secuirty guy in a car tryin to grab flicks, tried to go similiar to a peice i had roll away on me in the yard earlier this week two thirds done my peice. Winters comming n it gets to like -47 so quick 2 color peices are gonna be the only thing really possible in the comming months
  15. stock tip tremclad black and white shit, mad visible from the rapid transit line here bunch of people at the bus stop watchin me paint it
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