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  1. With the holidays fast approaching, I'm going to get my girlfriend a good guitar for her to start on. She has very polite hands, so I think she needs an acoustic guitars https://www.geekwrapped.com/guides/best-beginner-acoustic-guitars have anyone used one of these?
  2. Haven't you considered panties 😛
  3. I am already being asked what is on my Christmas list. So what are you thinking about? My considerations: 1. Full bag fitting - hoping that club champion does their sale again this year to make it more affordable. 2. Custom putter cover - loved the judges cover and would like to do something for myself, just don't know what to do. This could also lead to custom ball markers - we have some members that do a great job with these; but like the cover can't come up with a good design to represent me. 3. Rain gloves - I use these in the summer months when my hands sweat. Wore out my pair this year so I need some new ones. Wish they sold only one glove instead of 2 because the right one never gets used. 4. Short game and full swing lessons. Want to do a swing check and fine tuning and also have someone look at my short game swing since it seems to be a miserable failure. So let's hear what is on your Christmas/must have/high cool factor list.
  4. This is not strictly speaking true though, is it? I use a crypto wallet account visa card to make BTC purchases, it just converts to fiat in the process, but I spend my Bitcoin. Also, some companies accept BTC as payment, especially online and in certain parts of the world I know they do. In addition, some major companies are slowly becoming more involved with crypto in general and using it as part of their offerings in terms of payment, etc. One good example would be https://cryptolinks.com/cryptocurrency-trading-tools. like the one I used.
  5. Yeah, Or maybe in this year, it depends on overall trading and peoples perception. I don't think anyone can hold this long even though it's a big amount.
  6. Yeah that's pretty much rich trading but some of them also lost 20k when cryptocurrency went down suddenly.
  7. Long ago a friend told me that Ethereum would be the new Bitcoin in January 2016. Ethereum was $1 per coin at the time. I was young and greedy (still am) and had some money to burn. After spending 3 weeks reading about what blockchain is, what Bitcoin future is then what Ethereum is, I was convinced that I wanted to invest in it. Not because I understood it all, but because in those 3 weeks the price more than doubled to $2.20 and I did not want to miss out. Luckily, When I entered it doubled in another 4 days, so I took half my money out and kept the rest. When it doubled again I took out half again and this time left the rest for good. Now I, of course, regret doing that tremendously and this was one of my first major failures in crypto being too short-sighted.
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