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  1. Frillik


    We are already in 2019. The crypto market is uncertain. I’m getting tired of holding crypto, but I don’t see any alternative options. Cashing out now might become a big mistake. I bought some ethereum on cex (https://cex.io/eth-eur) in the connection with its conversion from PoW to PoS. However, instead of the pumped price, the developers postponed the switchover because of reentrancy vulnerabilities. In any case, the fact that ethereum is a potential cryptocurrency inspires hope. I really want eth’s changes to be successful because I have pretty many ethereum coins.
  2. Frillik

    Stickers For Trade

    I used to get bulk of stickers from the guy in the USA. We usually traded 10 for 10 and several random stickers. I want to trade stickers with anyone who wants to swap them.
  3. The author of this meme has hit the white with McDonald Trump. It seems even strange that nobody calls him in this way. BTW, Isn’t fast food the great American food? And this isn’t the first time Trump made an unfortunate slip with fast food. There is a photo where he eats KFC chicken with knife and fork on his private plane, lol.