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  1. Some quality conversation going on over here.. hell yeah.
  2. I've thought about this a lot myself. There was something really special about how things were before "social media" was even a phrase. I'm jumping in here kind of late but wanted to say that I appreciate your post @misteravenand share your perspective. I respect that you've kept this site going regardless of the changes that have gone on with internet culture. I think it is true that a lot of the people who have been around a long time are starting to get tired of where things are at now. Returning to forums is kind of odd feeling after being conditioned to think that anything that can't be taken in within a few seconds gets the tl;dr classification. I personally have become increasingly tired of social media and have been recoiling back to earlier forms of communication. Probably why I ended up checking back here. Social media is really noisy and appears to have embraced narcissism and ego boosts without hesitation, not to mention the sharing of some of the most inane content. That's not to say there are some good things about it as well. But in general, its really loud and it gets pretty grating after a while.
  3. Cool...I think I'll leave that other name where it is. Its like a gravestone. I don't think I have access to the original email address anyway. Seems like a few other people have come back recently as well. That's interesting. I'm going to keep the a/s/l where its at haha. I recall it was either an anorexic goth boy or a huge goth girl. Weird how that worked out. I can say a lot has changed over the years, as it should.
  4. Hey 12oz This is Kr430n5_666. I thought about this site the other day and figured I'd stop by and say hi. Kind of incredible the site still exists. The design looks nice. Not sure who is around still, but maybe some people recall who I was. I remember having some really insane times here many years ago (been like 15 years or something like that). Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the memories. If anyone has any questions or wants to reflect on old times, go for it. If not, thats cool. Here is a picture of a guy with some mud:
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