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  1. graffiti_mag_collector


    As a graffiti magazines collector, i got some mags to sale or trade(i can trade against others mags from the 90's or graffiti pix from Nyc) -Cocktail Molotov #8 France -Coctail Molotov NYC special issue France -Xplicit Grafx Vol2 #2 France -Underground Productions #15 Swedden -Game Over #10 Spain -Blitzkrieg #6 Australia -JVS #2 Switzerland -Hype #30 Australia All in very good condition.
  2. graffiti_mag_collector


    Start this new topic to talk about graffiti magazines, collecting mags was very popular in the 90's, remember those good times before the internet came and kill the graffiti magazines! i remember the frst time i was involved with graff mags, a guy in my highschool give me a mag called "Intox"(french mag...i'm french) , it was a mag on street culture with lots of graffiti pics, in that mag there an ads about another french mag called "xplicit grafx" , i start subscribing to this mag, it was the really beginning of my collection! Some weeks later, i was visiting London and i buy a hip hop mag called "hip hop connection", at the end of this mag there were an ad section, no one were talking about trading mags or pics but i send them my request anyway.May be 2 or 3 months later i receive a letter from a guy in Holland who was ok to trade with me and it was the start of something i can not controlled, letters start to come from all over the world, Usa,Germany,Australia,UK, Spain,switzerland,South Africa etc...every weeks i was receiving big envelopes full of pics,mags,sketches...i stop collecting them 15 years ago but since 3 years i start again to search good graff mags, especially those from the 80/90's.It reminds me the good ol'days. Now i got about 600 mags and more than 100 books, and i'm always down to trade, sell or buy some good mags!!