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  1. damaged doors are the dopest shit....
  2. Melbourne Australia
  3. hey montreal, I run a small graff mag out of sydney australia called "straight and narrow" and in our upcoming issue we are doing a spotlight on canada.... so we are looking for pics. walls, frieghts, actions, throwies, handstyles- anything your willing to send would be appreciated. Also looking to possibly do a quick interview via msn with a few montreal writers if anyones interested. send pics to- submitflix@gmail.com or pm me for more info peas eccE
  4. Hey, I ran a graff mag outta Sydney, Australia and this coming issue we are doing a spotlight on Canada and are looking for flicks- walls, freights, thrashings, throwies, actions. Also if anyone is interested in doing a short interview via msn hook me up. Send pics or contact me at submitflix@gmail.com Thanks
  5. I mainly got digi pics and I thought it would be easy as to burn a cd and post it off instead of giving up the hardcopies. My collection is mainly Sydney walls and some trains, but also got some wicked South Franc shit
  6. NOTE TO ALL USERS: THIS THREAD IS FOR LEGITIMATE PHOTO/OTHER >TRADES<. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN SOLICITE YOUR MERCHANDISE OR ADVERTISE PRODUCTS. ANY USER SPAMMING THIS THREAD (AND THE REST OF THE BOARD) WITH ADS WILL BE BANNED. -THE MOD SQUAD- Ok, by now most of us have digital cameras and we obviously have a computer, so Im looking to swap some copies of cds loaded with graff pics with people from all over. Hit up my email if your interested- pusher152@yahoo.com.au
  7. Straight and Narrow- Limited run issues Based in Sydney, Australia, full colour A5, interviews, legals, tracksides, trains, canals etc issue 2 out now ecceone@yahoo.com.au
  8. nice work foxy- what paint did you use for them? Are the bags vinyl?
  9. bump for the shit i dont understand at the bottom of the last post
  10. ok, its been a while, so here's two new ones http://artisdead.org/notonsiteyet/army_dudes_blue.jpg'> http://artisdead.org/notonsiteyet/robot.jpg'>
  11. nice work post- I'm not really into the photo type stencils but that looks good
  12. re: STENCIL GRAFFITI I was chatting with Tristan Manco a few months back and he was saying he is working on a second book. I think this one is going to include wheat pasteing, stickering, stencils and a bunch of other stuff.... Something to look foward to
  13. bumps for the new pics all great stuff, keep em comin.
  14. ^^^^^ yeh, i like stencils a bit.......there ok....... hahaha
  15. bump, just because i want to
  16. a few oldies i dont think ive posted yet http://artisdead.org/eccestencil1.jpg'> http://artisdead.org/eccestencil2.jpg'> http://artisdead.org/eccestencil3.jpg'> http://artisdead.org/eccestencil4.jpg'>
  17. i gotta hurry up and get my new photos developed. there's some very nice stuff going up in here.
  18. bump for all those new pics. Should have some newies of my own real soon.
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