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  1. Copper is suffering from an excessive barking behavior after we move on to this new apartment. Would you mind suggesting me which among this bark collar should I purchase? Or if you have other solutions to resolve this concern?
  2. You look nice when you smile (I just said it since because of your profile.)
  3. Maybe you are right, I should take the risk. Wish me luck.
  4. I have always wanted to give it a try, but I am scared that I might get hurt. Balancing is really not my thing, I guess I will be stuck on playing subway surfer.
  5. I am wearing the overrated digital watch from Casio, I am not planning to get a new one.
  6. joynhappiness


    I love the design of these shoes.
  7. Almost done reading, The Hate U Give Me by Angie Thomas.
  8. My baby girl won't sleep, she's busy watching Peppa Pig on my laptop. Now, I can't do my work.
  9. I have traveled to MY a couple of days ago, and they charge me a dollar for a single sheet of a moist towelette. They do it wherever we eat.
  10. It's my brother's birthday! I bought him 2 shirts and a wallet. I wonder when will he get married? LOL
  11. This one is so beautiful, it brings so much memory of my childhood.
  12. It seems like we will be paying for the brand itself.
  13. joynhappiness


    I have always been a fan of riding a bike back when I was young. I guess I am so busy nowadays that I don't have time to explore the beauty of nature with my car.
  14. A luggage, I bought an extra one since my stuff won't fit in. I guess I bought so many souvenirs.
  15. When I am bored I tend to sketch.
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