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  1. Gearing up for some video games after i rip a few dabs and clean the house
  2. Micro Center retardation, New PC build, desk, chair, monitors, but oddly enough no self respect on the shelves.
  3. Thai Curry/Chicken, Coconut rice and TsingTao beer. Takeout Pork buns for later tonight.
  4. @Mercerwhen i moved out to the middle of nowhere I pondered this quite a bit. Regardless of your hardware, software, etc. What gives you away at the end of the day is yourself. The only way you can make yourself less obvious is to limit public interactions online so less of your text based mannerisms are able to be judged. Machines can only interpret what we give them. But politically.... I just don't care. At this point on purpose, no less. Why would you want to? There's so many forces at work here, all the protests and firey posts will just get you automatically flagged by god knows who for god knows what. It seems weird but I believe a healthy mix of apathy and paranoia in your online persona goes a long way in keeping you safe. Eventually I'll be a normal guy, but its hard to be a normal guy with a family when you're flagged for (what I consider, no offense to you and your beliefs) dumb shit that i have as much control as the wind over.
  5. Tails is a serious ass OS for those who don't want to be seen at all. It's a standalone linux system that you can clone so you can have copies hidden if necessary. It REQUIRES you to use tor / torbrowser to maintain anonymity without the average user having to screw around with settings and such. There's a BTC program, pgp keyring, encrypted messenger(s) amongst other tools. These are just the ones you'd likely use on a normal session on there, but there's tons more. Duckduckgo doesn't save search records like google yet gets similar results so its the automatic choice on tails. Also kill java (option on the browser) so scripts can't be run in the background. Also this os is configured at the start to not save ANYTHING so you have to configure your persistent volume in order to save anything, be it pgp info, text documents, etc. Considering the power of this OS, its rather easy to set up and can save your ass in so many ways it isn't funny. Always keep a copy on a stray USB stick or two. My two cents on this, buy a laptop you don't care about and are willing to throw in a river if you have to, never install tails to the internal HDD and always always always always update it asap. Make complex, long passwords because if someone targets you knowing you use tails, a short one won't cut it and always kill java. Even in using tails, it won't keep you invisible past your words so remind yourself that if you're going so far as to use a disappearing OS, watch your vernacular as well since thats even more of a giveaway than what you may be looking at.
  6. Appreciating the fact my spaztic dog is finally warming up to my cats and snuggling them.
  7. Fuck the one way streets, fuck that mick Bill, fuck that ugly dyke Nancy, fuck the slow ass train, fuck Cambridge in general, fuck how PC it is now, fuck them for closing the good warehouses and fuck having a college every 20 feet, and more than anything FUCK THE PARKING. After more than a decade there, i ran to the fucking mountains. The only thing i miss is the ocean and the food. God I'd kill for kowloon here.
  8. Use tails OS if you're doing anything unsavory. Bonus points if its on a USB drive and not used at home (think mcdonalds wifi). Duckduckgo instead of google. Put your phone in the microwave if you're that paranoid (or build your own farady cage). Encrypte anything for messaging. Learn pgp. ENCRYPT EVERYTHING. Kill bluetooth on your phone and comp. Buy gold bullion and bury it.
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