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  1. Wonder what the story is with this
  2. Dope post. i have a flick of that navy8 when it was fresh, early 2000 shit
  3. Someone can have my go i dont think i can post flicks
  4. Yeah they shut it down but missed connections is still on craigslist and people use that part to hook up still. I saw one that said looking for a handy man to clean my pipes
  5. Its funny they had that tough whole car in the mix. Built Ford tough
  6. Dope shit as always thanks for the post
  7. This is why i own guns and dont support the nra
  8. Thanks for the flicks but this is One man Banned's page go ahead and make your own thread in the metal heads, it would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Got some old ones in there. Dope post as always
  10. Tried to upload more photos from today but it wont let me. It says only allowed to upload 51.2kb. Anyone know why ? im not hip on this shit, this is why i never posted in the early 2000's on this site i didnt want to fuck with photobucket or anything
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