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  1. No. I don't, but my phone does work with Tmobile sim cards in the states. However, it does not work with Verizon, or Sprint.
  2. you can try deepin linux. you dont need a lot of computer knowledge to install programs. you cant get viruses, and it's free. it also uses less resources than windows.
  3. directing hatred towards illegal immigrants takes the heat off the oligarky, and ruling class elite. it also keeps ordinary people divided. if the masses were united, they could resist the oligarky, and the current people who are in power could potentially be ousted. targeting illegal immigrants, also gives the public the impression that the oligarky is concerned about order, and the rule of law. it gives the appreance that the ruling class is doing the right thing. at the same time, the public's attention is taken away from real criminals who are a much bigger threat, and also happen to be legal residents. alot of the nastiest people in amerika happen to be legal immigrants with papers, and theyre actually the biggest threat, because they are more cunning than your average amerikan, more educated, and can outsmart you, and dupe you before you even realize it. they'll also never see the inside of a jail cell because they're too smart, and well connected to get caught. illegal immigration could be eliminated in 1yr, but illegal immigration is extremely beneficial to leaders who are able to make huge profits off exploiting illegals
  4. religion, and the idea of god is heavily promoted by oligarks. the reason why they promote it is because religion can be used to control people. it also gets people into a dogmatic state of mind. this is very favorable for the oligarky. people gravitate towards religion, and god out of desperation. if u look at rich people, they are seldomly religious, but if you look at poor people, they are frequently praying to god for a better life because they dont know any better
  5. dady

    go fuck yourself, syria

    the us hires a couple of mentally insane terorists to shoot up some people, and all of a sudden, syria has a "problem", thus an excuse to intervene is born. the "liberal" media cheerleads. real reason? us just wants to replace asad with an obedient pupet, someone who takes orders with no questions asked, someone like shinzo abe. at that point, the us declares "demacracy" has been achieved
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