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  1. cointent


    It seems that you know things about cryptocurrency) Lol. What do you think about cloud mining? And, do you know this website? http://hashflarecode.com/ . Thank you.
  2. cointent


    I haven’t listen to podcasts for quite long time now, this thread reminded me how it feels.
  3. cointent


    Well, I just like to wear black clothes. Every time I go shopping to buy something bright I come back with a couple of black T-shorts.
  4. cointent

    Music can heal depression???

    I guess it depend on kind of music
  5. cointent

    what are you watching RIGHT NOW?

    Well, I’ve become almost addicted to Mr. Robot lately, it is very high-quality TV series IMO.
  6. cointent

    What Song Would Best Describes Your Life Or Mood Right Now?

    My mood right now may be explained with the song I Need a Dollar by Aloe Black here how it goes: I need a dollar, dollar, dollar is what I need… hey-hey