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  1. Oh yeah no worries man, I completely understand. I've seen the great level of detail, time, and dedication you put into your pieces and wouldn't want to burden that load or any commission work you might be doing. I've been trying to practice more with different letter structures, so lately have been doing alot of pieces for different folks to show my appreciation of there work. Sometimes doing exchanges sometimes just doing it for them just to say thanks. And yeah i've shifted more towards digital, my money has been pretty scarce lately so my collection of color markers isn't as wide ranging as i wished it was. Hence the trade off to digital (big buy for a hopefully longer lasting use). I would also gladly do a black and white pen piece on paper too if that's a better preference. The name I'm using most now is "Peik". If you want i could go ahead start on yours. And if your too locked up with work atm, or have trouble finding time, no worries at all I'm more than glad to show my support for your work by doing a piece for ya. Like i said before I've seen the volume of work you put out and can only imagine how much time all that takes up, so its all gravy either way. Hah you know after I did the The Ronin piece i was super excited how the brush turned out even by accident. Then i got really into the "Peik" piece and once I finished it I couldn't stop thinking of how it resembled paser, timber and the mfk group bit too much. Originally I wanted to do a fat-tip-spray-fade -flare brush to be a new layer added on top of my 2d pieces to give it a more dynamic look, but once i got the end result of the more cleaner vapor lines i just went to town to see what i could make of it. As a stand alone style it definitely needs to be grown more and tweaked to get it to stand out on its own, but in the mean time I plan on trying to find a way to marry the 2d letter work and the 3-d vapor fading together.
  2. Appreciate man, yeah the whole selection of brushes on procreate was intimating and frustrating to draw with at first. Nothing felt natural, too stale and digital. So I started making my own brushes from scratch. Tried to create some more unpredictable and eradicate behavior from the brushes themselves leaving the control back to my hand (how I prefer to sketch on paper). I have about 7 brushes I've made myself, and tune them more every piece where I see issues or improvement in how the strokes appear. The newest one is the vapor trail one, was attempting to create a flared fat tip spray effect but inevitably turned into it's own brush which I'm still working on getting just right. The handstyle bold brushes, were the same ones I used on my first two digital pieces, for just about every detail, closest I've gotten to the feel of a marker. If your ever down for an exchange let me know I'd love to have at a satire piece for ya
  3. I'm using a 2nd generation iPad and apple pencil with a program called procreate. I basically played with my friends one day, and saved up to buy a copy of his set up. That's only my 6-7th attempt at a digital piece on it. I'm still very new and learning as I go, but it's quite beginner friendly while allowing plenty of customization for complex growth.
  4. Testing some new brushes I made. "Ronin"
  5. 2nd attempt at a digital piece. "Soul" And some other random sketches testing out brushes.
  6. Got a tablet last week. Don’t know a whole lot about how to use procreate at the moment. Used a single custom brush i made to freehand the whole piece excpet the brown clouding in the back. Heres my first attempt at a digital piece. ‘Peik’
  7. Well after all is said and done, I think you (satire/eba), Hua, eido,etc of the long time posters here are all good decent folk just trying to share work, knowledge, and technique. People like you guys are what made me continue to post on this thread +8 years ago, and why I came back to engage after being gone. Pesk is a different breed, a reason that might have steered other gifted/knowledged writer's from posting, getting involved and assisting in the purpose of this thread, which is to push ourselves and learn. Don't put yourself in the same boat as him, y'all are way better in the regard of how a writer/any artist is suppose to conduct himself in a community.
  8. Your all good man, sorry about that, didn't mean to steer the conversation off topic. Those pieces are dope though, especially the first ones. Nicely balanced detail, with good foundational letter work. I don't have any critisisms, keep up the solid work
  9. Not to be rude, but I have to agree with Hua Guofang, dude was a big headed asshole. He came in every week or so to claim he was the best and shit on any style that wasn't based on his very limited 80-90s style view. Infact it went on pretty relentlessly till he started shitting on a writer with a different style of his own. If i remember correctly it was Jamak, then we all agreed they should do an exchange to finally shut pesk up about being the best. They both posted and everyone voted. Jamak came out winner and Pesk retreated into is hole after he got clowned on by everyone, only to return a month or two later to slowly start instigating shit all over again. He went after people like viper and quiz aswell people who had skill and technique far beyond him. He brought nothing but negativity to the thread. Was he a good writer? Sure he had a great understanding of letter structure and technique, but every post got drown out/overshadowed by his bullshit beef. Sorry for the long text, but please for don't let us forget, dude was indeed a trolling asshole. That being said, this doesnt appear to be the same pesk.Though close in style, pesks simples leaned to the old school 80s 90s style with less cuts and deviations in line work.
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